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ChatGPT Sugar is a browser extension designed to enrich your daily interactions with ChatGPT. It is a collection of subtle and delightful tools, seamlessly integrated into your ChatGPT experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatGPT Sugar?

ChatGPT Sugar is an open-source browser extension designed to enhance your ChatGPT experience with additional features and insights.

How do I install ChatGPT Sugar?

Click the 'Add to Chrome' or 'Add to Firefox' button in this page, which will nagvigate you to the Web Store. You can then install the extension from there.

Is ChatGPT Sugar free to use?

Yes, and it is also Ad-free.

Does ChatGPT Sugar store any of my personal data?

No, ChatGPT Sugar processes all data locally on your device. We do not store or have access to your personal data.

Is ChatGPT Sugar open source?

Yes, ChatGPT Sugar is open source. You can view and contribute to the source code on GitHub.

Do I need a ChatGPT account?

Yes, All magic are inside ChatGPT web app. You just need to install the extension and login into ChatGPT to try it out.